Chairman message

Chairman’s Message

Prof. S.N. Katarki

General Secretary

Miranda Education Society

Today's environment is dynamic, fluid and changing rapidly. There is a need to develop and build skills that revolve around creative thinking, critical reasoning and problem solving. Unlike earlier days, when only well paid and satisfying jobs were in the field of engineering, medicine, or law, these days, teaching which has always been a noble profession has gained its due recognition.

The primary role of a teacher remains the same-instructor to one of a facilitator. A class room is not controlled by one person but is filled with enthusiastic interaction debates, discussions, seminars and the use of technology which is the norm of the day.

Teachers need guidance, so that they do not lose focus and deviate from the basic aim-imparting knowledge. At Miranda they benefit from the vast experience of our dedicated staff. They are helped to guide our youth to be competitive to focus on goals so develop good ethical practices and to inculcate noble values.

It is a well-recognized, fact that for continued and long term success, development of interpersonal skills, balanced temperament and communication skills play a large role. This attitude has to be inculcated from a very young age and teachers and facilitators have a great role in encouraging this behavior.

At Miranda care is taken to inculcate attitude, values and academic excellence into everyday activity as they are a pre-requisite for a successful and happy life style.